Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Pattern Time!

Here's a nice little headband for keeping your ears warm on days you don't want to wear a hat. It is secured in the back with a button which is nice because you won't mess up your hair pulling a headband down and you get to use one of those cute buttons you've been saving.

Seed Stitch Headband
You Will Need:
-Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (Less than half a ball) or 4 strands of any worsted weight yarn held together
-Size 11 Knitting Needles
-Tapestry Needle

Gauge: 4 stitches in seed stitch = 1 3/4 inches
K=knit, P=purl, YO=yarn over, K2tog=knit 2 together, SSK=slip slip knit2tog

Cast on 7 stitches.
*K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, K1*
Repeat this seed stitch pattern on every row until piece measures 20" or 1.5" less than the circumference of your head (remember the headband will stretch).
Now you will put in a button hole:
K1, P1, K1, YO, K2tog, P1, K1
Knit in seed stitch pattern for 3 rows.
K2tog, K1, P1, K1, SSK (5 sts)
K2tog, P1, SSK(3 sts)
Bind off remaining 3 sts

Sew on a button and you're done!


  1. Lovely headband.Thank you for informing me about this pattern in Ravelry.I guess I'll be trying this one out.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this pattern up. I'm finishing up my own as I type (:

  3. My headband stretched out after wearing it for a while..any suggestions on shrinking a little to fit again?

  4. Do you have any suggestions on how to knit this on a circular needle, in the round? Suggested number of stitches to cast on?

  5. Mine turned out beautifully. Thanks for posting the pattern.

  6. To to effect shrinkage, wet it then put it in the dryer. Be careful if you used wool cause it can shrink substantially. To knit in the round you will have to check your gauge but try casting in 71-81 stitches.