Saturday, February 27, 2010

Granny Snow Day

Are you having a nice weekend? I am.
It snowed all day Thursday and Friday.

I didn't have anything to do on Friday (well, everything I had planned was canceled due to weather) so I stayed in and learned how to crochet granny squares. Yes!
I used Pip's lovely tutorial. At first it was tricky and I started, ripped out, started, ripped out a few times. It seems to be how I usually learn things... After a few false starts I was off and running! And then it seemed I couldn't stop...

I started this one with some of the organic cotton yarn I use to knit my horses for the shop. After using this yarn to make the same things over and over it was really neat to see it turn into something totally different. I think this will become a giant granny square afghan inspired by the one over at the Purl Bee.

Riding the wave of granny square love, I dug some junky acrylic yarn out of the closet and whipped up a couple of pot scrubbers too.

Also, some pretty merino wool arrived in the mail today. I bought this at Halfday on Etsy. Oh, I love merino...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spinning Rainbows

I'm making some yarn with all different colored wool scraps and a couple of ounces of white super-wash merino from The Yarn Tree here in Brooklyn.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I am a Rock

I love these old clips of Simon and Garfunkle playing live in front of a tiny audience. Perfect Sunday music.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun fun fun

I made a lot of progress on the mittens last night over at Anna's house. Here's how they're looking. Anna said the colors look like trees and moss which I think is really cute.

I had a lot of trouble with these at first. I just couldn't decide what size needles to use. The yarn is about 8 wpi and a book I have told me that you should use size 11 needles or bigger with that size yarn. So I tried that and it was just so loose. So I ripped it out and tried size 10.5. Too big. Size 10... Too big! I finally went down to size 8 (the size I had been using for the ribbing at the beginning the whole time) and they work. Ahh. My only concern now is that the yarn I'm using for the second one seems slightly thicker than the yarn I used for the first one so it's doesn't feel as soft. We'll see... I think I'll have both finished by tonight.

Anna is working on knit leggings! Isn't that crazy? They look awesome and she let me take a photo of her wearing the work in progress. I guess she's been working on them on-and-off for about two years and now she's almost done!

And lastly, a couple photos of my finished Haruni.

It's pretty.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

La Dee Dah

I cast on for some fingerless mittens a couple days ago with the new yarn and they are turning out really pretty so far. I finished one this morning and cast on for another one just now. I'm designing as i go so they fit perfectly! I'll post the pattern here when they are both finished (I write the pattern as I knit the first one and then test it's accuracy by knitting the second one).
In other knitting news, I finished the Haruni and also a hat. I've gotta try to get some good photos though because they deserve it.

And here are a couple photos I took (with my new camera!) as I walked from Harlem to the Upper West Side the other night. Central Park looked so pretty and spooky and deserted in the snow.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I Love Merino

This past Saturday I sat myself down with 4 ounces of beautiful merino wool from Halfday. A couple (maybe more) hours later, I had in my hands the best and prettiest yarn I've ever made. It's squishy and soft in pastels and light browns and I'm kind of in love with it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Simple Slouchy Beret

So... I'm finally getting around to sharing this pattern. It's taken me a while in getting this out there. Partly because I've been really frustrated with my camera, every time I've tried to take a photo of the hat that goes along with the pattern all I get is blurry blobs... Well my crummy camera is four years old so what should I expect, right? So I ordered a new one online, it should be coming on Monday and I can't wait.
But without further rambling, here's that pattern. It's a great simple beret pattern that I use all the time. It's not too loose around the brim so it doesn't feel like it's about to slide off your head, but it's still nice and slouchy and cute.

Simple Slouchy Knit Beret:
You will need:
-About 130 yards of Yarn (aran weight or light to medium worsted will all work, as long as you get some drape)
-Size 6 16-Inch Circular Needles
-Size 9 16-Inch Circular Needles
-Size 8 or 9 Double Pointed Needles
-1 Stitch Marker

Cast on 80 stitches on the size 6 needles. Place marker and join to knit in the round.
Knit 1x1 rib for 8 rows.
Change to Size 9 circular needles and *K2, M1* to end of row ( 120 sts)
Knit about 5 inches.
*K4, K2tog* repeat to end of round (100 sts).
Knit 4 rounds.
*K3, K2tog* repeat to end of round (80 sts).
Knit 4 Rounds.
*K2, K2tog* repeat to end of round (60 sts).
Knit 3 rounds.
*K1, K2tog* repeat to end of round (40 sts). At around this point you will need to switch to your double pointed needles, just do it when your stitches feel tight on the circulars.
Knit 2 rounds.
*K2tog* repeat to end of round (20 sts).
K 1 round.
*K2tog* repeat to end of row (10 sts).
Knit one round.
Cut yarn, thread through remaining stitches and pull to close up the hole.
Good Job! Just weave in the ends and you're good to go; no need to block this one.

Did you know it's quite snowy in New York right now? Luckily, I have a lot of wool hats.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Sounds

I was watching this music video this morning and the football stuff in the video reminded me that it's Superbowl Sunday today. I think the amount of football in this video is about all I can handle for one day (one week? one month?).

I'm actually going to a little Superbowl party tonight but I'll be the one parked by the chips and dip.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I'm frustrated. I can't find my camera cord! I think maybe it's a sign that it's finally time to buy a new camera. The one I've got now is getting old and slow and is just really not that great (you can see evidence of this in the photos on this blog). I'll really look for the cord tonight after work so I can post that hat pattern I was talking about.
I also want to do some needle felting tonight. Possibly Valentine's Day related. I'll let you know how that goes.

A little pile of wool blobs.