Saturday, February 27, 2010

Granny Snow Day

Are you having a nice weekend? I am.
It snowed all day Thursday and Friday.

I didn't have anything to do on Friday (well, everything I had planned was canceled due to weather) so I stayed in and learned how to crochet granny squares. Yes!
I used Pip's lovely tutorial. At first it was tricky and I started, ripped out, started, ripped out a few times. It seems to be how I usually learn things... After a few false starts I was off and running! And then it seemed I couldn't stop...

I started this one with some of the organic cotton yarn I use to knit my horses for the shop. After using this yarn to make the same things over and over it was really neat to see it turn into something totally different. I think this will become a giant granny square afghan inspired by the one over at the Purl Bee.

Riding the wave of granny square love, I dug some junky acrylic yarn out of the closet and whipped up a couple of pot scrubbers too.

Also, some pretty merino wool arrived in the mail today. I bought this at Halfday on Etsy. Oh, I love merino...


  1. This looks great for your first go! Your yarn colors are beautiful. Don't you love the rhythm of the granny square? I do. I'm making an afghan too, but of smaller squares put together.

  2. I do love my granny square. I was nervous that if I made a bunch of little ones I would never get around to sewing them together! But I'm sure yours is gorgeous.