Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun fun fun

I made a lot of progress on the mittens last night over at Anna's house. Here's how they're looking. Anna said the colors look like trees and moss which I think is really cute.

I had a lot of trouble with these at first. I just couldn't decide what size needles to use. The yarn is about 8 wpi and a book I have told me that you should use size 11 needles or bigger with that size yarn. So I tried that and it was just so loose. So I ripped it out and tried size 10.5. Too big. Size 10... Too big! I finally went down to size 8 (the size I had been using for the ribbing at the beginning the whole time) and they work. Ahh. My only concern now is that the yarn I'm using for the second one seems slightly thicker than the yarn I used for the first one so it's doesn't feel as soft. We'll see... I think I'll have both finished by tonight.

Anna is working on knit leggings! Isn't that crazy? They look awesome and she let me take a photo of her wearing the work in progress. I guess she's been working on them on-and-off for about two years and now she's almost done!

And lastly, a couple photos of my finished Haruni.

It's pretty.

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  1. The mittens are lovely! The yarn is such a beautiful color.