Friday, January 8, 2010

I Like Yarn

Hello again.
I've been bad about getting back in the swing of writing here after the holidays. And it's a shame because I really enjoy having this space to share what I'm working on. So I want to get back into the habit of writing more.

Anyway, here's what I've been working on:
I tried a couple of new things!
I tried knitting lace from a chart.

This really didn't go so well. I had to rip it back three times and I only have about an inch of knitting... And I'm pretty sure I made another mistake... But I'm going to try again because I really want to figure this out and confidently read a chart.

The chart I'm working from is Haruni by Emily Ross and it's free on Ravelry. It's so beautiful and i really want to make one.

I also tried Navajo Plying yarn and this was much more successful. If you are a spinner and you've been thinking about trying this technique, you really should go for it. For non-spinners who are wondering what I'm talking about; it's a way to take one strand of hand-spun yarn and then turn it into a 3-ply by sort of re-spinning it.

And it looks pretty.

And I finished a new design. Well, really just a circle scarf 2.0. That's what I've been calling it, I'd like to think of a prettier name for it though. My friend Tim called it a 'Harf" (hood + scarf = Harf). And Maya says it makes the person wearing it look like "an acorn head" which I think sounds really cute.
More photos and (probably) a pattern soon to come.

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