Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hello hello hello
So, did you know that this is my 100th post? It is.
And the time between this post and my last post has been quite a while.... Why? Because I thought, "Oh gosh. One hundred posts. People do something cool when they reach 100 posts like giving away a cool prize or doing some meme or something. I should do something like that!"
And I thought and thought and then forgot about it for a while and then resumed thinking but well I don't know. I guess I didn't think of anything. But I missed writing in this space the last couple weeks and so I decided to just say thanks. Thank you for reading the words I type. Even if you don't comment or whatever. I love looking at the numbers on my Google Analytics page and wondering who's knitting the patterns I've written or maybe being inspired by something I've tried making or maybe just cringed at one of my horrible jokes... I like feeling like people are crafting along with me...
So yeah, thanks.
And because I can't stand to have a photo-free post, I thought I'd just post something a bit random. A Halloween photo!

I made this costume about an hour before going out on Halloween. Can you tell what I was? I'll give you a clue.

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