Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What I'm Making Now

Just a few quick photos of some projects I'm working on.

First, some super simple mittens for my niece Olive. She's turning 3 next week! I'm so in love with her...
The yarn is Lion Brand Alpine Wool in the color Bay Leaf. I love the color. The yarn itself is... okay. Not great. I wish the twist was a bit tighter but I think these will turn out nicely. It's actually my first time knitting mittens flat (i.e. not in the round). The pattern can be found here. The only change I made was that I'm picking up four stitches when I start on the thumbs instead of decreasing one. And I went up one needle size for the body of the mittens. I think that's it...

I'm also working on these socks in Lion Brand Sock-Ease. I'm not really a sock knitter but I was at the Lion Brand Studio a couple weeks ago and I just thought the Rock Candy color way was so pretty. Then when my friend Josie came over the other night she saw what I was making and told me that she's working on socks in the same color! Hopefully some day we will be sock twins...

And lastly, this little embroidery. I wanted to make something quick and easy and this was what I came up with. A little snail with what is pretty much just the first word that popped into my head - Molasses. Logan was working on some embroidery as well. He's making a portrait of our friend Greg and it looks really cool. I'll show it to you another time.

One last thing! I'm on Flickr now! You can find me at


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