Friday, March 5, 2010

Fun Stuff

Walking around my neighborhood this afternoon I spotted a new addition to the scenery.
These guys:

They kind of look like a mom and baby to me.... There was another one too and I'm excited by the thought that I might encounter more in the future.

Another nice thing I noticed is that some bulbs I planted in the fall (and totally forgot about) are peeking out of the soil! They're some tulip bulbs that the Conservatory Garden was giving away at the end of summer. Can't wait to see what color they'll be...

And lastly, I'm making apple crisp today. And this makes me very happy. I use Martha's recipe. The only changes I make are that I don't use lemon juice because I don't feel like buying it and I don't peel the apples. It takes so long to peel 3 pounds of apples and I'm a big girl, I can eat apples with the peel on.


  1. My grandmother would be so proud of you! She wouldn't stand for peeling apples either...

  2. I love that monster graffiti; it looks just like it's rising up out of the concrete to swim about the city.