Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I'm sick. I had a bit of a cough all weekend and by Monday morning i just had to call in sick. And then again today. And tomorrow too.... Ugh.
Yesterday I tried to convince myself i wasn't really sick by being productive. I made a big pot of black bean soup from scratch with some vegetable stock i made over the weekend. Then i spun up some merino. The colors of the wool are pretty bright and i wasn't sure what kind of yarn to make so I spun three singles. Two of them i plied together and one I plied with rainbow thread. Then I knit a couple of swatches:

The 2-ply is on the left, the thread plied is on the right. I wasn't really into either one. The 2-ply is a little too muddled and the thread plied feels insubstantial and looks a little odd.
So then I made a three-ply yarn by navajo plying. Here's the swatch:

I like this one the best. Navajo plying takes the longest but there's no sense in making yarn I won't use. And it's good practice; I'd really like to start putting some hand-spun yarn in the shop.

I've been working on the giant granny square blanket a lot. It's a good thing to work on in bed. I'll show you my progress tomorrow.

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  1. And I really think you should start putting some handspun yarn in the shop...!