Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thick and Thin

A little while back I found some yarn hiding in a drawer. It looks like this:

It's some of my very first handspun yarn and it's so crazy. It goes from super thick lumps to weak sections that are thin like thread.

I guess I spun this yarn about a year and a half ago and I think it's fun to see what a better spinner I've become. Spinning was really hard for me at first. When my wheel arrived in the mail I sat down at it and couldn't get the hang of it at all. I couldn't get the wheel to move continuously or at an even speed and I didn't draft the wool at all which made it even harder (definitely self-taught...). I seriously might have cried that first day... Rage tears... Just a little.
I'm certainly still not perfect but I've improved a lot.

Thank goodness.

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