Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Touch of Vintage


So, if you've stopped by here once or twice before you know that I love to knit... right? And you might also know that I like spinning yarn, and crocheting, and doing some dyeing as well. Show me pretty much anything crafty (especially wool-related) and I've probably tried it before or want to try in the future.
Something else that I really love is vintage fashion. I feel like about 90% of my thoughts are about knitting, vintage dresses, and eating.... yeah, I think that's about right. So I'm going to start sharing that side of myself here. Not all of the time, but sometimes. Just images that I think are inspiring or photos of neat things I've picked up. Things that I think are beautiful or striking and that I think you might like as well. The knitting and crafty things are staying, though, and I hope you will too.
This morning I stumbled on the website The Selby. Have you visited before? The site contains photos by Todd Selby, a photographer who captures images of people in their personal or private spaces and they are just lovely photos. The photos of Jamie and Anthony at their home in Brooklyn are gorgeous:

I love the gold velvet chairs. They are so beautiful. I also like that there is a ton of stuff hanging on the walls. Sometimes I feel like my walls are too cluttered with little paintings and embroideries but after seeing these photos I'm thinking maybe my walls are actually a bit bare...

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