Sunday, June 6, 2010

Perfect Timing!

Today it is a hot and sweaty 92 degrees in Brooklyn, New York and guess what I finished knitting.

My ugly/beautiful wool socks! What do you think?
So, yeah... I really won't be wearing them again for another 3 months or so, but for now the are sitting on my bookshelf for me to pick up and admire. And even though they're so weird and nerdy, I really do love them. I sort of can't believe I made them. My spinning skills have improved so much in the past year. I never thought I would be able to make sock yarn, let alone actually make enough for a pair of socks (I also never thought I would be enough of a nerd to want to do something like this but that's another matter).

And in other crafty news. Siri (of Treehouse Brooklyn fame) and I biked over to the Renegade Craft fair at McCarren Park and it was awesome! There were quite a few vendors I had never seen before and Siri introduced me to a lot of cool artists. And of course, I picked up a few treats:

This beautiful printed tea towel from Enormous Champion. I think I want to hang it on the wall so it will never get dirty (I've just gotta iron it first).

Some lovely merino from Traveling Rhinos in the colorway "Blue Beard". It was quickly transformed into this 2-ply yarn!

Lastly (and most sadly) I got a Moss Bulb from Land Rich and it was so pretty and nice and I was able to bike all the way home without breaking it. Then as I reached in my bag to get the keys to my apartment, the little glass bulb rolled out of my bag and smashed on the sidewalk...
oh well... boo hoo...
p.s. The photo below is not mine. It is from Land Rich's website. I didn't have mine long enough to take a photo of it.... waa