Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Knitting and Teaching

Hi. How are you? I'm fine. It got colder here... Finally. It's even cold enough for me to wear my sweater. I'm starting to like this sweater more the more I wear it. I'm still not totally in love with the fit and design but it does do a good job of keeping me warm.

I'm also knitting a new cardigan. It feels like it's going so so slowly. Right now it's sort of a weird vest. I've started on one of the sleeves but i'm changing the design from a short sleeve cardigan to a long sleeve one, and that makes it even more slow going as I figure out what I want to do. I'm really happy with the yarn I'm using. It's 100% wool from Australia and it's soft but it also feels quite strong. It's also a very nice color. This photo doesn't really show the color well, it's really a pretty goldy-tan color and I like it a whole lot.

And lastly, I will be teaching a Beginning Knitting class this Sunday the 10th! It will be held at Treehouse Brooklyn and it's going to be a lot of fun! I will teach everyone how to knit using chunky knitting needles and we will be making beer coozies that kind of look like beer can sweaters (but not with sleeves or anything cheesy like that). I feel like they are the perfect thing for autumn barbecues and chilly bonfire parties to keep your beers from making your hands cold. Totally appropriate for the season and also perfect for gifts!
I hope you'll take this class with me or consider taking the other rad Treehouse classes coming up this month!
Please click HERE for more info!
Tell your Brooklyn buddies!

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