Sunday, October 10, 2010

Visiting Mochimochi Land

I went to the opening of the Greetings from Mochimochi show at Gallery Hanahou (as I said I would) on Thursday and it was really great. I have just a few photos to share:

There were fat little unicorns prancing up onto a rainbow and getting eaten by big purple guys, and ghosts in a graveyard, a rat-infested city, and a god with an Elvis-stule pompadour sitting on a cloud. There was also a train with a knit cover that would randomly begin whizzing around the track and which made me slightly (and perhaps unreasonably) giddy every time it started up again.
I made a super short video if you'd like to see the train in action.
It has been estimated that everything in the show took 200 balls of yarn and over a million stitches to complete. I think those numbers almost put the enormous amount of work in perspective (but just almost). I strongly suggest that you see this show if you can. It will be on display until October 29. More info is here.

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  1. I was there and I saw you, but I was too afraid to say I! wasn't it great! omg