Saturday, November 28, 2009


Oh, circle scarves. They are all over the place right now.

Most experienced knitters can probably whip one of these up without any help. But I figure there are probably some beginner knitters out there who would like a little help... right? So I'm working on a tutorial right now to show you how to make a nice chunky circle scarf. It will be here for you on Monday so check back then!

P.S. The scarf is shown doubled in this photo. When it's just wrapped once it goes down to just around my belly button.

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  1. Hi I have a question - I'm new to knitting and this seemed like a good project! My question is this though: I guess I was supposed to join my stitches somehow so that I'm truly knitting in the round? My scarf is not one continuous piece - it seems as though I will have to see the ends together to make it a circle (if that makes sense?). Can you help me? I really want to make this! I'm also confused about how it makes rows if it is one big circle?