Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Internet,

My name is Lydia and I'm starting this little blog today for a few reasons:
-to promote my Etsy shop
-to organize some of my own thoughts and ideas (and hopefully be more productive)
-to share some of the knowledge I have through tutorials and knitting patterns and other things like that
-to have more motivation to take photos of things I make and do

Lately I've been really getting into Kool-Aid dying. It's really fun, pretty cheap, and a great way to try out dying with out spending a ton of money on a big dye kit and special pots and mordant and whatnot. I used this tutorial from to get started. You can really get some beautiful colors and it even smells good. Well, except the Mango, that one smells so weird and musty and definitely not something I would ever drink.... eww.

Some yarn drying on my little balcony

Yarn dyeing in progress using Cherry, Orange and Mango Kool-Aid
More to come soon!

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