Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yarns and Leaves

First of all, I now have hand dyed yarn in the shop. Hooray!
I have to say I really think they are so pretty... and I'll have more coming out within the next couple weeks.
I also want to tell you about something that i think is really neat:
I am very lucky to get to hang out in Central Park a few times a week (because of babysitting). It's such a beautiful place to spend time and it's especially beautiful in autumn.
So, behind the Metropolitan Museum (which is in the park) is this huge vent that blows out a ton of warm air, and the kids from the school play this game where they all get a huge arm-load of leaves and throw them on the vent at the same time.
The leaves shoot way up into the air and all the kids shout and scream and it's actually super exciting. If you're in nyc you should really try it sometime.

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