Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Still here. It's been taking me a while to get back to reality after a big break from work and a great trip back home.
And you know what else? I realized the other night, while discussing the holidays with a friend, that I knit about ten gift this year. I feel really good about that. But you know what I feel slightly less good about? I didn't take a photo of a single one! Seriously, not one. And that's a big part of why there's been silence here on the blog. Oh well...
I think I'm going to start another Brambles Beret today. The one I made in the fall (or was it the summer?) went to my sweet friend Berit. No photo, of course.

Also, while I was in Minneapolis I saw the photos of Alec Soth at the Walker Museum. Have you heard of him. I really like his work but one photo in particular has been stuck in my mind. Maybe you'll like it to:

photo by Alec Soth

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