Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yesterday it started snowing. Hard.
First I decided to swatch for some new mittens using some scraps of worsted weight yarn. Some is Cascade 220 and some is some random thrift store wool. It looked like this:

The project I'm planning for is knit in the round. To get a more accurate swatch I knit across then loosely brought the yarn back to the right hand side of the right side of the knitting... Uhh. Does that make any sense? It's a way of swatching in which you are knitting a flat stockinette swatch but you only do knit stitches (no purls) as if you were knitting in the round. The back of the swatch ends up looking like this:

After knitting on that swatch for a little while I went out with Logan to walk around in the snow storm. We went out around midnight. I was snowing fairly hard but it wasn't too cold out and the night was beautiful. I realized as I was walking that I was wearing 6 hand-knit items... Really! My socks, cardigan, hat, mittens, shawl, and scarf were all hand knit by me. Logan was wearing a scarf from me as well.... Wow, a lot of hand knit stuff. When I finally came in from the cold I looked like this:

Haha, icicle eyebrows are funny.

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